Sunday, April 14, 2013

TRAP FOR CINDERELLA (2012) movie review

Trap for Cinderella (2012) d. Softley, Iain (UK)

After surviving a traumatic fire, heiress-to-be Tuppence Middleton undergoes extensive plastic surgery to restore her crisped visage. She emerges lightly scarred but more than palatable, minus any recollection of her former life. As she attempts to reassemble her fractured existence by reuniting with various friends and family members, she stumbles across the diary of best friend Alexandra Roach who succumbed to the flames.

Based on Sebastien Japriscot’s novel, writer/director Softley nimbly slips back and forth between timelines to reveal secrets within lies and a subplot that occasionally resembles Single White Female more than a little. There’s a whopper of a plot device that must be swallowed to stay on the boat, but those with a well-muscled suspension of disbelief should enjoy this thorny little vixen. Wonderful supporting turns from Kerry Fox, Frances de la Tour and Citadel’s Aneurin Barnard.

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