Monday, April 22, 2013

BLANCANIEVES (2012) movie reviews

Blancanieves (2012) d. Berger, Pablo (Spain)

An exquisite retelling of the classic Snow White fairy tale, filtered through the lens of a once-great matador, his plucky young daughter, and the scheming nursemaid/wicked stepmonster whose vanity threatens to destroy all in her path. Writer/director Berger cultivates an impossibly charming and rich romantic atmosphere, with emotions worn proudly on sleeves and textures and images dancing in concert with Alfonso de Vilallonga's dynamic and purposefully eclectic score.

Leaves you smiling even as it breaks your heart, and though told through the device of a classic black and white silent film, it would be a shame were this extraordinary piece of cinema (winner of 10 Goya Awards) to be simply written off as an attempt to ride The Artist’s coattails. I’ll be honest, I much preferred the authentic spell cast by Berger and leading ladies Maribel Verdu and Macarena Garcia than the Hollywood trappings of Michel Hazanavicius’ Oscar-winning crowd-pleaser. Winner of the 7th Orbit Award at the 2013 Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (among many other accolades).

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