Thursday, February 21, 2013

TATTOO (1981) movie review

Tattoo (1981)  d. Brooks, Bob (USA)

Before taking another visit to the inkman, you might want to bust out this studio-endorsed bit of exploitation, directed by one-off offender Bob Brooks and scripted by Joyce Bunuel (daughter-in-law to Luis). Bruce Dern turns in another committed nutbar performance, this time as an obsessive tattoo artist who sets his sights on fashion model Maud Adams. When she rejects him, he resorts to abduction, then proceeds to use her unconscious body as a canvas for his increasingly intricate designs.

Sadly, what could have been a splendid psychological thriller—along the lines of 1965’s The Collector—bogs down with melodrama, a decided lack of logic, and some shamefully stilted acting. As the damsel in undress, Adams is the biggest offender, her sorta-American accent drifting in and out. But considering the amount of time she spends in the nude, one gets the impression that the decisions to cast the future Bond girl were of a slightly different ilk. You wanna remake something, Hollywood? Remake this.

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