Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WAITRESS (2007) movie review

Waitress (2007) d. Shelly, Adrienne (USA)

Gone-too-soon actor/writer/director Shelly’s final feature is as sweet, satisfying and deceptively simple as the myriad of mouth-watering desserts created by its title character (luminously played by Keri Russell). Trapped in a small Oklahoma town, diner waitress Russell finds herself knocked up by her abusive and smothering man-child of a husband (Jeremy Sisto),
throwing a wrench into her escape scheme. But life may have other plans for Russell, in the form of her handsome, if clumsy, OB/GY doc Nathan Fillion.

By turns hilarious and sentimental, Shelly has fashioned an extremely enjoyable picture, and while the ending does get a bit gooey and unrealistic (read as “Hollywood”), the film survives as a terrific date movie. Highest marks to the outrageously entertaining supporting cast, with the request that Cheryl Hines (love her!) continue to be given as much work as humanly possible.

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