Wednesday, January 23, 2013

AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT (2011) movie review

As Luck Would Have It (2011)
d. de la Iglesia, Alex (Spain)

Another superb black comedy from the Spanish master of the format, bursting with lively, unique characters and an ingenious central scenario. Unemployed former advertising star Jose Mota (there are constant references to his “spark of life” Coca Cola campaign) is already having a bad day when he fails to get hired by a former friend and discovers the hotel where he and wife Salma Hayek honeymooned has been demolished to make way for a museum. But through a bizarre series of events, the former publicity hound finds himself in a media-magnet life-or-death situation, one that could revive his career even as it threatens his mortality. Another don’t-miss effort from de la Iglesia, following 2010’s crazy clown mindfreak, The Last Circus.

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