Monday, January 28, 2013

BLACK'S GAME (2012) movie review

Black's Game (2012) d. Axelsson, Óskar Thór (Iceland)

If you’ve watched any underworld/drug dealing crime films, filled with unsavory characters running at a deficit of trust, there’s not a lot here you haven’t seen before. The main distinction is that this one is set in Iceland, and the gang members are all comprised of young bucks as opposed to elder statesmen (although I suppose the latter is not that different from the spate of urban U.S. films from the ’90s). There’s plenty of violence, some kinky sex with a same-sex twist, suspense, dishonor among thieves and one hell of a fun catchphrase takeaway, and while none of these elements elevate it to must-see status, they certainly will appeal to fans of the genre. Based on the novel by Stefán Máni, exec-produced by Nicolas Winding Refn.

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