Sunday, January 27, 2013

SONS OF NORWAY (2011) movie review

Sons of Norway (2011) d. Lien, Jens (Norway)

This disarming and compelling Norwegian slice-of-life drama has at its core a pair of dazzling performances – Asmund Hoeg as a pint-sized adolescent discovering the rules of rebellion (fueled by the UK punk rock movement of the early 80s), and Sven Nordin’s iconoclast hippie father who challenges then supports his son’s interests and beliefs. Via safety pins shoved through cheeks, snarling jam sessions, and a hilarious nudist camp sequence, individuality is celebrated and the status quo knocked with warmth and intelligence. Working from Nikolaj Frobenius’ adaptation of his autobiographical novel Theory and Practice, director Lien finds our hearts with the lightest of touches. Fun little cameo by John Lydon aka The Sex Pistols' Johnny Rotten.

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