Tuesday, January 29, 2013

VULGARIA (2012) movie review

Vulgaria (2012) d. Pang, Ho-Cheung (Hong Kong)

Strapped for cash and with alimony/child support debt mounting, film producer of low budget schlock (Chapman To) is forced to join forces with a twisted, bestiality-loving gangster who wants to produce a sequel to his favorite childhood porn film, 1976's Confession of a Concubine (a real film whose real star, Susan Shaw, appears here as herself 35 years later). A zany, raunchy satire of the filmmaking world, where one-of-a-kind characters (like comely Popping Candy, whose fellatio techniques include a mouthful of Pop Rocks) run wild and CGI is put to its most bizarre use yet. Amidst all this obscenity and insanity, Pang’s film is a sweet, sentimental tale of a family man just trying to get through the day, a dick joke flick with heart.

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