Saturday, January 26, 2013

WRONG (2012) movie review

Wrong (2012) d. Dupieux, Quentin (USA)

Though this will undoubtedly be marketed as “from the director of Rubber,” viewers not entirely entranced by that flick’s meta approach to the sci-fi/horror premise of a Scanner-like self-ambulating tire need not steer clear of this sterling surrealist comedy. Nebbish Jack Plotnick wakes up to discover his beloved pooch Paul missing, an event which sparks a day in the life adventure unlike any we’ve seen before. In Dupieux’s world, the expression “anything can happen” is taken to a whole new level, and revealing any of the surprises in store would be doing a disservice. (You’ll never look at a clock reading 7:59 the same way again.) Suffice to say, it’s funny as hell, brilliantly performed, wholly original, ridiculous, and not to be missed.

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